Do I feel sad not to have a daughter? Nope, I love it.

But its annoying when people ask!

Standard conversation when meeting someone new ‘where do you live? What do you do for a living? How many children do you have’… which (upon hearing I have three boys) inevitably leads on to ‘oh no are you not going to try for a girl?’ Well actually no, and it’s not like amazon that we can just order one!

I suppose it’s one of those annoying questions single people get asked ‘are you married’ or couples get probed ‘have you any kids,’ which in a few years progresses to ‘what school are they going to?’ It’s a never-ending cycle of expectation.

BUT why assume I would want a daughter? Do I feel a hole in my life not having that special mother-daughter bond? Nope, how can I miss what I never experienced.

There are so many advantages of having same sex children; they like the same programmes, the same games, similar interests and hobbies. Unlike the female species no one remembers what you said a week ago, fuming and simmering inside. Boys say it how they mean it, not stating something … expecting you to know they actually mean the total opposite.

I love being a mum to boys; they fall and just get straight back up, chuck ‘em a ball and they’re happy. Conversation is simple, mainly about sports, farts, toilet humour, food, cars and farts. There are no frills or princesses in our house.

Whatever your family make up is, feel blessed, practice gratitude and feel complete!