Guest Blog Courtesy of Henry Lamb Tennis

The Importance of Tennis for Children

Henry Lamb Tennis Is a flourishing academy based in south west London offering exceptional skills and match play coaching through after school clubs and holiday camps, to children from 4 years old. It opened for business in 2013 and their particular emphasis is on the introduction to tennis and building skills from a young age.

Henry Lamb’s vision is to create a fun environment where children enjoy learning and swiftly build skills and a love of the game. “We like to fill every minute with 60 seconds and fully believe that what we put in is what we get out.” Previously a teacher at Fulham Prep School, Henry knows all about how to encourage and engage a child and he has built a tennis programme and coaching team that does just that.  He believes tennis is a fundamental sport for children, and here’s why:

Health Tennis improves strength and flexibility and boosts the immune system.  A typical one hour tennis session involves an intense cardiovascular workout during which children burn hundreds of calories. When the game is taught in a fun way, children don’t even realize how much exercise they are doing.

Coordination Some of the many skills tennis works on include hand-to-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills and whole body coordination. These are particularly helpful for babies born prematurely as their coordination and motor skills can be behind those of their peers.

Social Skills Joining a new tennis group means meeting children outside of school.  Tennis engenders teamwork, taking turns and keeping calm in the face of disappointment; it teaches children to enjoy the game itself, rather than just the winning.  Almost most importantly, it teaches children about respecting others, a key attribute of the game.

A Sport for Life Unlike most sports children play, tennis is a skill which can be used in many different forms throughout life.  From group coaching sessions, to playing on the school team, joining a local league, borough championships and onwards into adulthood for social get togethers or letting some steam off after work.

The younger your child starts to learn and practice tennis, the more important a role it will play in their lives when they begin to lose interest in their school team sports.  It is far easier to learn the skills required at a younger age, ensuring a child picks up the correct technique early and carries that through the teen years.  The absolute key is that lessons for little ones are all about having a lot of fun with gradual learning involved and absolutely no pressure!

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