Quick guide to school exclusions and infections

Athlete’s foot – none


Chickenpox- until all vesicles have crusted over


Cold sores (Herpes simplex)- none​


Conjunctivitis -none


Diarrhoea and/or vomiting – 48 hours from last episode


Flu – until recovered


German measles (rubella)- four days from onset of rash


Glandular fever -none


Hand, foot and mouth – none


Head lice – none


Impetigo- until lesions are crusted (or 48 hours after starting antibiotics)


Measles- four days from onset of rash


Molluscum contagiosum – none


Mumps – exclude child for five days after onset of swelling


Ringworm- exclusion not necessary


Scabies – can return after first treatment


Scarlet fever – can return 24 hours after starting antibiotics


Threadworms – none​​


Tonsillitis – none


Warts and verrucae – none (verrucas should be covered in swimming pools and gyms)


Whooping cough – 5 days from starting antibiotic treatment (or 21 days from onset if no treatment