Back to School Special. Damn it…miss the kids!

It’s day one back to school.

I have dreamt about this morning for the past two months. No need to worry what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus cater to the endless request for snacks. No need to antagonise where to take them in the fresh outdoors to stimulate their brains or where to burn their energy. Our parents didn’t have to faff around looking for exciting days out for us, when did parenthood become so pressurised?

I wonder if it’s due to this Facebook era, where we know who sailed around the Caribbean, climbed up mountains, stayed at idyllic beautiful resorts? No one need ask what you got up to over the holidays, but is it causing a keeping up with the Joneses’ scenario?

It is only now I am sitting in this empty house that I actually have fond memories of this summer. Moments you can’t put on social media but treasure inside. I enjoyed the lie-ins, the chats, the snuggles, the endless banter and constant companionship. Without the rigorous timetable of school and sports fixtures the days were relaxed and devoid of any shouting for the kids to constantly hurry up!

It gave me an opportunity to concentrate on the present, enjoy the moment without saying ‘no time now’ whenever they asked to do something. We could bake, lounge, eat and play board games in our pjs till evening.

While I’m finally enjoying a cup of tea in peace I wonder what the boys are up to.

Time to get a puppy?