Guest Post: Wonderful Ways Pets Help Kids Grow Up To Be Successful

Emily Parker is a proud cat parent to 2 black cats, Gus and Louis. When she’s not wandering her neighbourhood looking for new cat cafes, she helps cat parents love their kitties better on her blog, Catological. Today she has a few words of wisdom for the mum2son’ers!

While parents can help their kids become successful by encouraging them to follow their dreams, being patient and respectful, and sending them to great schools, they can also give them a major boost by simply letting them have a pet.

From helping kids learn the importance of responsibility and building friendships to helping them unleash their inner entrepreneur, pets can do amazing things to help parents produce successful children.

If you want your child to be a star pupil, letting them have a pet can be the start of something big. For example, studies have shown that by having a pet who will sit patiently while the child reads to them, kids become better readers. This is due to the fact that the pet will sit and listen to them, allowing the child to gain confidence in their abilities by knowing their pet will offer nothing but unconditional love and support.

And if you want your child to grow up with plenty of confidence, bring a pet into your family. Based on research from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, kids with pets grow up to have more self-esteem and confidence than other kids.

But if you’re a parent who dreams of seeing your child become the next great business success story, giving them a pet may lay the groundwork for a future entrepreneur. As kids grow to love their pets even more, they start to realize there are things they can do to make money that are related to their pets. For example, some kids choose to start dog-walking businesses or pet sit for neighbors, while others take on the challenge of building dog houses, shelters for feral cats, or get creative and make pet costumes.

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