Guest Post – The 6 Reasons Archery is Great for Kids

David James is a keen enthusiast of target sports, he writes for targetcrazy. He loves crossbows, bows and archery in general and promoting, teaching and introducing the sport to new people. In fact he says the younger the better, it’s never too early to start. He shares with us his passion for archery. Thank you David for your blog post.

So many child heroes (and heroines) shoot a bow nowadays.  I’ll just drop a few names here you may be familiar with…

Hawkeye from the Avengers

Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games

Lara Croft

Legolas from Middle Earth

Green Arrow

Need something that’s cool and kid friendly to entertain your youngsters? Archery is a sport you should consider letting them try. We’re going to start with six important ones, but there’s a host of other reasons why we think it’s a good idea in our full article here.

  1. It’s great for physical health

Did you know you can burn up to 144 calories an hour just target shooting? At first glance, you wouldn’t think archery offers a lot in terms of exercise. However, the sport has quite a few physical health benefits. In an archery competition your child can easily walk a few miles.

During practice, your walk to get the arrows and then bring them back. This happens and without much complaint because it’s interesting to see how you did. Even when the target is some distance away.

Shooting arrows is done standing. Muscular gains come from drawing the bow. This helps with back, core and upper body strength. These increases in strength can do wonders for posture


  1. It gets them outdoors!

Archery takes place outdoors, for the most part. For the winter months there’s always the indoor range.  Instead of allowing them to stay on the console, enroll them in archery classes. They will love learning a challenging sport, while getting fresh air.  We all know how important it is for kids to breathe some fresh air and take in some Vitamin D from the suns rays!  


  1. There are accomplishments to be had

Not only will kids learn how to handle failure, but they will feel what it’s like to accomplish something. Archery offers many chances for participants to accomplish things. Hitting the gold rings on a target for the first time being one of the best! The bottom line is your child will learn self discipline when they learn archery. Eventually this discipline will carry over to other areas of their life.


  1. You need to focus, concentrate and be mindful

Concentrating, paying attention and being in the moment. This is an important component of archery and life in general. Mindfulness is really just paying very close attention to what you are doing. Not being distracted. Listening to yourself, your body, your breathing and focusing. You do all these things when preparing to release an arrow. If you don’t, it won’t go where you intend it to! This is an essential life skill, one that will serve them well in other areas of their lives.


  1. It teaches patience

In archery, kids need to have patience. They need to be patient with other participants, as well as with themselves. They have to remain calm as they are waiting to release the bow. When other people are shooting, your kids will have to wait for them to finish. Even if your child is far from patient, after a few archery lessons, they will become far more patient than they’ve ever been.


  1. It’s cool and older people can be cool!

As members of an archery league, your kids will learn to accept criticism and praise. They will be shooting with other kids in their age range. Social interaction leads to peer participation. The awesome part of this is that they won’t only be interacting with people their own age.  There will be adults handing out advice and compliments. Secretly, kids want adult approval, in spite of how they act at home. They want the adults in their group to like them. Your kids will learn to give praise and encouragement to fellow archers. They will stand out and be rewarded by the adults in their group. Learning leadership skills is a natural progression in a league setting.