About me

As a mother of three boys and a medical NHS doctor for 16 years, I’ve spent my professional and personal life giving advice in my consultations, in my friendships, writing magazine articles, delivering lectures and teaching medical students.

I have developed my interests in health and education, gaining a diploma in children’s health, as well as my MBBS medical degree and MRCGP degree in General Practice. I am currently an active school governor.

I am by no means a perfect mother or wife and challenge anyone who thinks there is such a concept. However, in my journey from daughter to mother I’ve gained experience, as well as in my consultations, meeting people from all walks of life. This blog is to share my experiences with you. To share what worked well and what didn’t work so well in raising three boys in such turbulent times.

After all life is one big journey. What a privilege it is to be on this planet, in this moment, in these times, raising the future generation.