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The hardest parental milestone… letting go of your children.

Writing a blog I would never have envisaged to be this time consuming, this has taken off in more ways than I imagined. Receiving emails from fellow parents and authors around the world has been amazing but in fact, it has taking me away from family life… hence, I took a break but here I […]

The Challenges Single Fathers Face

Although titled mum2sons this essentially is a blog that encompasses all parenting, family and child matters. So when Daniel Sherwin of approached me to write an article for mum2sons I was extremely honoured. Parenting is tough, add the challenges of being a single parent they deserve huge respect and our support.  The Challenges Single Fathers Face […]

Guest Post: The Challenge and Gifts of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability. It can be typified by complications in precise recognition of alphabets, numbers or word which results in poor spelling proficiencies and interpretation. These setbacks cause restrained reading of comprehensions and low reading experience and descent in the learning curve, progression of vocabulary and overall knowledge. Parents with the kids [...]

Teenagers… stop medicalising this phenomenon!

Having a teenager in the house, you often get asked ‘what is that like!?’ The inference is that having a teenager is somehow a medical phenomenon. But when does this labelling stop? In today’s world, we are continually medicalising normal experiences like common childhood anxieties and tensions. Children’s behaviour and mental health are hot topics. […]