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National Offer Day… top tips for 11+ that you won’t find on any forum

I can’t remember a time when so many anxious parents were glued to their email accounts or waiting for the postman. I’ve done 11+ twice with my DS ('darling son', terminology commonly used on 11+ forums) and I still can’t bring myself to openly talk about it fully. I think I am suffering from some [...]

Unusual days out with the kids

London is a great city to explore with young ones. After you've exhausted the usual popular museums, parks and farms here are some ideas if you're looking for something a little different. Old Operating Theatre The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret has an unusual location – up a spiral staircase onto the Roof [...]

Do you force your child to finish the food on their plate?

We often obsess about our childrens' weight. Our parents, maybe themselves came from backgrounds were food was not plentiful, would often force us to clean our plates before leaving the table. The rationale? They would cite some reason about helping some poor, starving child in another part of the world. However in reality it does [...]