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How Motherhood Made Me A Better Doctor

This week I had the privilege of doing a guest blog for the amazing fellow mummy blogger Sarah. Please check it out: ""

I think Google is destroying my relationship with my mother!

Whenever I have a 'girlie’ question that needs answering, there are fundamentally two sources I turn to: 1.Google 2.Friends (via whatsapp/text) Probably in that order. Recent such examples are ‘how to descale a kettle,’ ‘how to iron a shirt quickly,’ ‘can I freeze the chicken mixture for my chicken pie?’ All things I am sure [...]

National Offer Day… top tips for 11+ that you won’t find on any forum

I can’t remember a time when so many anxious parents were glued to their email accounts or waiting for the postman. I’ve done 11+ twice with my DS ('darling son', terminology commonly used on 11+ forums) and I still can’t bring myself to openly talk about it fully. I think I am suffering from some [...]