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The Modern Day Illness of ‘Busyness’

Today we lead busy lives; multitasking, rushing to take the kids, juggling work and home. Welcome to modern day life. This constant state of being busy can take it’s toll physically and mentally. In addition, no longer are we leaving work at work. With mobile phones, emails and remote log in devices, it can follow […]

Prejudice Starts At Home

  The word prejudice means prejudging. As parents, we may do this on a daily basis without even realising; judging others based on socio-economic status, religion ‘oh another terrorist attack I bet he’s Muslim’, race ‘the best athletes are black’, age ‘old people don’t know anything’… passing comments often made in front of our children. […]

Healthy Eating for the Family: Sample Weekly Meal Plan

Preparing family meals can cause much anxiety. Advice changes monthly, along with new fads about gluten free, diary free and raw unprocessed foods being the ideal. Have you ever noticed a kid who is obese and ever thought ‘what are the parents doing?’ Society puts a lot of pressure on us parents that we are […]

Back to School Special. Damn it…miss the kids!

It’s day one back to school. I have dreamt about this morning for the past two months. No need to worry what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus cater to the endless request for snacks. No need to antagonise where to take them in the fresh outdoors to stimulate their brains or where […]