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Back to School Special. Damn it…miss the kids!

It’s day one back to school. I have dreamt about this morning for the past two months. No need to worry what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus cater to the endless request for snacks. No need to antagonise where to take them in the fresh outdoors to stimulate their brains or where […]

Iphones,ipads,ipods … Top 10 Tips To Avoid Addiction in Kids

I admit, I’ve given my children smartphones, even my youngest (admitted in a quiet tone). My excuse, well I upgraded and what was I going to do, chuck my old one? But the clinician part of me is not at ease or the mother part in fact. Harley Street rehab clinic specialist Mandy Saligari stated […]

Should my child be taking Multivitamins?

This is a common question I get asked as a GP. We know that growing children have nutritional needs. The Department of Health recommends that children between six months to five years are given daily vitamin supplements. If your child eats a balanced diet then they may not need supplements however. A daily healthy diet […]

Quick guide to school exclusions and infections

Athlete’s foot – none   Chickenpox- until all vesicles have crusted over   Cold sores (Herpes simplex)- none​   Conjunctivitis -none   Diarrhoea and/or vomiting – 48 hours from last episode   Flu – until recovered   German measles (rubella)- four days from onset of rash   Glandular fever -none   Hand, foot and mouth […]