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A Super Mum’s Guide to Half Term

Thank you Alia at Explore London With Kids for this fantastic half term guide! Alia is mother to two young boys and cofounder of Explore London With Kids. They curate and review the best attractions and upcoming events, incorporating technology, to make it accessible for busy modern parents.  Half term can be a stressful time for parents as they […]

Iphones,ipads,ipods … Top 10 Tips To Avoid Addiction in Kids

I admit, I’ve given my children smartphones, even my youngest (admitted in a quiet tone). My excuse, well I upgraded and what was I going to do, chuck my old one? But the clinician part of me is not at ease or the mother part in fact. Harley Street rehab clinic specialist Mandy Saligari stated […]

Dealing with ‘I’m bored’ syndrome this summer?

As children get older there are different challenges we face to keep them occupied. Gone are the days of indoor play areas or the simple thrill of going down a slide or blowing bubbles in the garden. Further challenges come with boys, I am stereotyping here but much to my dismay boys and shopping do […]

Top 10 Tips to Survive the School Holidays!

School holidays.. for many of us this creates mixed emotions. Joy at not having to do the school runs yet the feeling of dread at the thought of being alone with your children. Sounds silly but gut feeling is that many mothers feel this way. So why has this situation arisen? Well society make up [...]