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Top 5 Websites for Children To Explore About The World We Live In

We live in a technological, fast-paced world. Let's be honest, how many times have we given the kids an iPad or switched on the TV to give us a breather, catching up on household chores, having a cuppa, checking our emails ... or it may be an opportunity to do an activity together. Here are [...]

Engaging our Youth in Politics

There was to be a demonstration against Trump in parliament square and enthusiastically I turned to my 12-year-old and suggested we go together, as a mother and son bonding moment (!). You would think by his expression I had told him we had no wi-fi in the house. He turned around and calmly pointed out [...]

Home Truths: State Vs Private Education

Thank you @ Motherhood: The Real Deal for the opportunity to write this post for you, please have a read of my tongue-in-cheek-no-offence intended blog. Click as usual... ""