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Product Review & Giveaway! Courtesy of

When I was approached by to do a product review I needed no prompting. I swear by sticky labels, who has the expense or time to replace missing items? I label everything from stationary, clothes, swimming towels to lunchboxes. It also saves sibling squabbles, each child has their own unique design so no fighting [...]

Guest Post: Scummy Mummies ‘How To Be A Great Working Mum

The Scummy Mummies comedy duo Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, host a fortnightly chat show for the less-than-perfect parent and perform live shows around the UK. Their podcast has been recognised by many including the Guardian, The Telegraph, the Sunday Times and has featured on Radio 4’s Woman’s hour. Many moons ago I was fortunate [...]

Baby Series Special, Part 2: Quick Guide to Swaddling, Dummies and Comforters

Swaddling You can purchase swaddling blankets at various baby shops. I have found that swaddling helps baby feel warm and secure, as if they are being held. Always use a swaddle, large muslin or baby cot sheet blanket which is light in weight and never wrap too tight around baby. It is important to remember [...]

Guest Post 11+ Special: To Tutor or not to Tutor, that is the Question!

The 11+ exams for grammars can often feel arcane and shrouded in mystique and grandeur, but in reality they should simply be approached as a genuine test of ability and potential. Schools are very conscious of the need to present fair tests, which is why they do not provide very much information, hoping to put [...]