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Should my child be taking Multivitamins?

This is a common question I get asked as a GP. We know that growing children have nutritional needs. The Department of Health recommends that children between six months to five years are given daily vitamin supplements. If your child eats a balanced diet then they may not need supplements however. A daily healthy diet […]

Guest Post: Yoga for Stress Relief

In life you meet individuals who make an impact on your journey. As a mother of three, I reached a point where I needed to invest some time and space for myself rather than everyone else and in fact that investment benefited everyone around me. I was very fortunate to meet Mehul. Thank you for [...]

Guest Post: Fitness For Busy Mums with Zumba Instructor Theresa Miller

Theresa Miller is a qualified Zumba instructor and with many years of dance training and experience. Today she shares her advice with mum2sons on how to incorporate fitness into our daily lives. Hi my name is Theresa and I am a Zumba Fitness certified Instructor. Between caring for children, workplace demands, household chores, doctors appointments, [...]