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I think Google is destroying my relationship with my mother!

Whenever I have a 'girlie’ question that needs answering, there are fundamentally two sources I turn to: 1.Google 2.Friends (via whatsapp/text) Probably in that order. Recent such examples are ‘how to descale a kettle,’ ‘how to iron a shirt quickly,’ ‘can I freeze the chicken mixture for my chicken pie?’ All things I am sure [...]

Should you teach religion to your children?

Like any exam you help prepare your children for any school tests they may have. We ask them to think, to ponder, to look at things from different angles. Now if we think of life as one big exam then questions will naturally arise from children - where do they come from, what happens after [...]

Raising Boys

I believe in equality like anyone else but in raising boys we have to acknowledge there are differences. I often say boys are like dogs, they need to run around to burn energy. Their emotional psyche and needs are actually very simple. Boys don't need fussing mothers to become strong independent men, they need educated [...]

Siblings – blessing or a curse?

Having your first child is a shock to the system. A shock that no one can prepare you for. No book or blog can describe fully how your life will change. The second sibling comes along and you're more relaxed, it fosters independence in your eldest. Now there's a new challenge, how to blossom a [...]