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Prejudice Starts At Home

  The word prejudice means prejudging. As parents, we may do this on a daily basis without even realising; judging others based on socio-economic status, religion ‘oh another terrorist attack I bet he’s Muslim’, race ‘the best athletes are black’, age ‘old people don’t know anything’… passing comments often made in front of our children. […]

Grenfell Tower: From A Tragedy Emerges Hope

This is not Victoria Britain, this is not Syria, this is London 2017. Watching the images, the stories of witnesses and recounts of survivors, the emotions of shock and horror quickly turn to anger. In this modern-day Britain, how can any parent be faced with such a situation where their only course of action was [...]

Rochdale Abuse Special: Are Women’s Clothing An Invite To Assault?

As I watched the riveting drama on BBC ‘Three Girls’ I couldn’t help feel a mixture of anger, sadness and horror. Not only for the plight of those girls or how they were failed by public services but the attitude held by some that these girls brought it upon themselves. That they deserved it due [...]

International Women’s Day Special: No, Women Can’t Have It All

So why do we need an International Women’s Day anyway, to make us feel special, to make us feel worthy? Please! As I sat at my desk this morning in between patients, my mind wandered to my to do list; what grocery shop do I need to do for tonight’s dinner, homework before or after [...]