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‘once you learn to read, you will forever be free’

Fredrick Douglas

Recommended Reading List

I often have mummies complain their child has no interest in reading. The first question I ask them ‘when was the last time they saw YOU pick up a book?’

Children are imitators, especially in the early years. We know that reading is knowledge, knowledge is power. To be a better mother, person, employer whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, reading is the foundation.

Reading like any habit, even in small daily increments, will do you wonders. Get lost in a good book and a cup of tea, it will nourish your soul.

Steve Biddulph Raising Boys​
Birth to Five HSC Public Health Agency​
The Well Trained Mind Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer​
Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready by June Oberlander​
Detoxing Childhood Sue Palmer
​21st Century Boys: How Modern Life Is Driving Them Off The Rails and How
We Can Get Them Back on Track. Sue Palmer
Science of Parenting Book by Margot Sunderland
Your Child … Your Way: Create a Positive Parenting Pattern for Life Book by
Tanya Byron
Green Thumbs: A Kid’s Activity Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Gardening by
Laurie M. Carlson
“Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades and What You Can Do About it” and “How
to Parent So Children Will Learn” Dr Sylvia Rimm
101 Things For Kids To Do Outside by Dawn Isaac
How to Unplug Your Child by Liat Joshi

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